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“Josh is the best in the business. I knew from the moment that we met, that I was in the right hands. It is immediately evident that health and fitness are his life’s passion and not just his job. He not only focuses on improving your physical fitness and reaching your goals, Josh also takes great care in your mental well-being. He innately knows which days he can push you to the limit and which days are best suited for flexibility and core. His ‘Whole Body’ approach is second to none.

His positive attitude and bright energy are contagious. He has the incredible ability to motivate you and push your muscles to pure exhaustion, while simultaneously listening to your gripes about a stressful day of work and lip syncing to the newest hit that is blaring out of the gym speakers. He makes every hour spent with him stress-relieving and fun. Above all,


My initial goal was to get leaner and healthier before my wedding. Not to necessarily lose any weight, I just wanted to get ‘high and tight’ for our big day. After seeing Josh 3 times a week for 10 weeks, I lost a total of 18.75”. I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been and could not have done it without the dedication and expertise of this man. He has become a dear friend and we continue to dance, sing and lift several times a week.”

– Adair Harrison

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